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The landscape of Philippine politics was once more rocked last week when the first of part of the #NagaLeaks expose was released targeting VP Leni Robredo. Yes, I did anticipate its release last Friday afternoon and I have read the full content of the first release despite of the article’s length. My perception shift to VP Leni from being hopeful to disappointment to disdain was the reason why I am interested with the article. At this point, I am delaying my comments pertaining to the “revelations” pending more details on the expose and after I have done my fact checking.

I have couple of observation, though, that stands out at this time. These observations are more inclined towards the reactions on VP Leni’s side considering that the page that handles the expose is a bit more aggressive at this time. Names have been dropped and more names are being dropped as the days are progressing. More and more people are getting involved and, as of this time, we already have one person stepping forward verifying part of the information that were already released.

But one thing that stands out – the awful silence and the contradictions of VP Leni Robredo.

Through all these social media “battles”, I have seen and heard the arguments of both sides – from the pro-Duterte personalities to the faceless anti-Duterte peeps. One group that I have seen that purposefully defend their stance and leader is the Office of the Vice President. I first took notice of the OVP’s presence when the US trip of VP Leni became an issue and from then on the team had made their presence felt in ALL social media “battles”… until now.

Interestingly, the silence speaks volumes and raises a lot of questions on the expose considering that VP Leni Robredo is always on the lookout for publicity opportunities. If I am to make reference to her husband’s publicity strategy that was stated in the expose, it is the same strategy that I think she is trying to employ at this time. She does not miss out on opportunities where she gets a chance for positive publicity – even if a Grade 6 student proudly declares that the student voted for her in the last election.

They are also at the forefront in defending the VP from her detractors. That is the reason why I am quite curious as to why they are now silent about the issue.

The only statement that we got so far from the Vice President herself was that this was about the attempts to destroy her reputation. She even added that these attempts have been done before with the objective to silence her and that she won’t be silenced by it. Note that she has not categorically denied any of the accusations hurled towards her better half.

The general statements of VP Leni does not work for me. I guess, all of us at one point in our lives, have encountered being at the receiving end of a nasty gossip and you can recall how you managed your way through it. You won’t take it sitting down especially if the accusations are not true and it involves a family member. I remember in second year high school when I pulled a “You are not a virgin anymore” prank to which my classmate/victim vehemently denied it and started crying. I ended up in my teacher’s office, by the way.

My point being is that a denial directed to the issue is definitely necessary at this point. A simple categorical denial that the accusations are not true and that the late Jessie Robredo was never involved in illegal gambling or illegal drug trade would suffice. A comment stating that they do not own condominium buildings in Quezon City would, at the least, make the issue simmer down a bit. I think that it is a necessary act on the part of VP Leni considering the gravity of the expose damaging the legacy of the late Robredo, to whom she is saying that she has not moved on yet from his untimely demise.

However, her perceived silence on the issue and the inconsistency in what she says and what she is not doing for her love of her life raises a lot of questions, more than giving out answers. So much more that it does not give her the “right” image that she has been working on since her return from the United States.

Interestingly, I find her shifts on standpoints particularly amusing. Her shifts give me an impression that she redefines her standpoint based on her convenience. She initially called for tolerance to those whom she called as social media “trolls”. It can be recalled that she reminded her followers to “Don’t mind the trolls. Let us direct all our energies to all things positive”. This tweet came out from her twitter account on December 27, 2016 (http://www.fashionpulis.com/2016/12/tweet-scoop-vp-leni-robredo-reminds.html). She further reinforces her standpoint on February 2017 stating that social media trolls are a “lost cause” in an article that came out in Inquirer.net (http://newsinfo.inquirer.net/868133/i-have-no-time-for-trolls-theyre-a-lost-cause-robredo).

A month later, she then shifts her standpoint from tolerance to going to battle against these social media trolls. She now declares that this is the “perfect time” to fight those that drive “alternative facts” (http://newsinfo.inquirer.net/877374/robredo-declares-war-on-online-trolls). Apparently, her shifting gears come at a convenient time when a supposedly “explosive” revelation about her is set to come out. Giving de Lima the benefit of the doubt (as if I care about her), VP Leni sought prudence from the revelations against de Lima, a fellow Liberal. Now that an expose is claiming to be setting the stage for the VP’s downfall, she then changes her stance. So don’t you think that it is rather convenient for her to declare her “war” as perfectly timed now that she is at the receiving end of the expose?

My question, why shift gears now VP Leni?

Furthermore, I remember her proudly declaring that as a democratic nation, the PRRD administration should be open to dissent. She is at the forefront of on the “fight for the right to speak dissent” (http://news.abs-cbn.com/news/02/24/17/robredo-fight-for-the-right-to-speak-dissent). This was on February 2017 when de Lima was arrested for her alleged involvement in the Bilibid drug trade. She refers to dissent as one of the foundations of a free country. She even declared that “democracy demands dissent” (http://newsinfo.inquirer.net/875972/democracy-demands-dissent-says-robredo-on-senate-shakeup).

Less than two weeks after the statement, she again shifts her stance to saying that dissent is now being abused on social media. In a recent interview with her in Cebu, she referred to social media as problem citing “Easy access to social media is being used to abuse those who are brave enough to express dissent.” (http://interaksyon.com/article/137495/watch–vp-robredo-shrugs-off-naga-leaks-article). So does this mean that VP Leni Robredo is okay to dissent if it is against the PRRD government but when she is at the receiving end of the dissent, she terms it as abusive? So her statement about the right to speak dissent as a foundation of a free country is only appropriate for her and her minions?

The VP seems to be at a loss with consistency with her statements as it shifts within a matter of weeks and, even, days depending on what is convenient for her.

The silence of the VP on the #NagaLeaks issue and her inconsistency are troubling. Again, her actions and inactions create a void that raises more questions rather than answers. Furthermore, the conflicting stance on certain issues makes one think – why the sudden shift when the #NagaLeaks came out?

The questions right now is more on the “whys” rather than the contents of the actual expose.

Why shift on your stance on dissent?

Why the deafening silence?



I did not want to start my 2017 with a blog that spews out negativity as I have always wanted to start fresh with a positive vibe. But I found it hard to control my disappointment with VP Leni Robredo after her return from her US vacation. It was already disappointing that the OVP, who claimed that the VP was “hands-on” with the situation, was just churning up sh*t after sh*t trying to make the VP look good but was doing more mess with its publicity. The VP returns from her hiatus clacking like a chicken in an attempt to regain her composure with how she handled, or mishandled, the situation. To top it all off, her pictures visiting the affected areas are all over her social media trying to make it look that she was really concerned. Well, publicity is still publicity even if it is late.

Let us face it madam, the class act that you are trying to pull through is not working, so stop… please stop it. Hindi na po natin nabobola ang karamihan sa mga Pinoy. Enough of the talk and publicity. We already had too much of that from your office.

Honestly, I really do not have an issue with VP Robredo’s travel to the US. It is her right and it is not as if the whole country had to depend on her leadership at a time of crisis. In fact, I was one of the first people to get annoyed when SOME Dutertards were making an issue out of it. I just thought to just let her be. Besides it is not a new act coming from the political party that she is associated with because I remember a former President who prioritized attending an automotive event as the bodies of SAF members who died in Mamasapano were being flown in to Manila. Again, the automotive event was already planned and was in the former President’s schedule ahead of time. That was the alibi then. Do you see the similarities? In short, I was not bothered by her absence.

It started to get into my nerves when all of the sudden the OVP made it look as if VP Leni was VERY involved in the response to attend to the victims of the typhoons aftermath. This is where the problem started. It was already enough that they were actively publicizing the actions being undertaken but I guess I just found the attempt to be a little “cheesy” or should I say that there was just too much icing to hide the cake. Gets ninyo?

Let me share with you, madame, two reasons why I am not buying your publicity?

First, there was the class act where your office claimed that you were trying to find an earlier flight back to the Philippines as reported in a CNN Philippines report. In the effort to help you, some netizens even went further by posting screen captures of available flights to Manila. In the end, it was just proven to be an act. You had no intentions of going home earlier to be with the Typhoon Nina’s victims. All of it was just publicity… an attempt to make us think that you care.

My second reason was a realization 5 days after Typhoon Nina struck. I did not hear your voice on live television or radio sending out words of encouragement and hope directed to the victims of the typhoon. Yes, I was seeing your tweets and reposts but I never heard your actual voice through a phone patch of some sort. I guess a live phone interview, while you are in the US, where you can offer your assurance that you were really on top of the situation would have mattered to the victims, to your detractors, and even to me. I figured that it would have been more reassuring that you were “actively” involved when you can say it out loud yourself. Sorry, I can’t seem to bridge the gap between you being “hands-on” to the situation and yet you cannot afford even a 2-minute fast-talk interview, off your time for us to hear you as one of our elected leaders… for assurance lang na you are really with us. Why tweet when a call would have made your “actions” more personal and credible.

So your back in the Philippines, croacking like a frog who is out to redeem herself.

VP Robredo starts by saying that relief efforts were slow. Hindi ba’t yan din ang sinabi mo tungkol sa Yolanda Housing noon nung kakaupo mo lang na HUDCC head? It made me think that it’s probably your style to start getting the “pogi” points. I mean each President had his or her own style. Remember PNoy’s signature blame-it-on-anyone-except-me moves? I think you are getting quite a training with your party.

I mean, you come home 6 or 7 days after the typhoon and you start off by undermining government efforts despite the fact that national government officials and the Philippine President, himself, were already on the ground a day after the typhoon struck trying to manage on what needs to be done first. Here you are coming in and starts claiming that response was slow. You might be forgetting, madam, that the plane that was suppose to bring you home was slower. It took them 6 days to get you home so you can be on the ground and finally be “hands-on” with the situation.

She further went on to announce on the news that it was unfortunate that she was out of the country when the typhoon hit and that she was worried. The comparison to her being a mom was already too much where she tried to make it look as if she can only do as much. But then again, she was the type of mother, who despite her growing concern, did not even bother to give her “children” a call just to let them hear her voice and to give them the reassurance that she was doing all that she can do to help them.

And please let us not BS our way by saying that you tried to look for earliest available flight back to Manila unfortunately you had a hard time looking for tickets for you, your mom, and your three kids. You could have gone home first, ALONE. I believe that your eldest turned 29 years old recently, or will turn 29. She could have taken charge of her other siblings and your mom while you head on home first, if that was what you really wanted. I presume that you can also rely on your relatives to help you in taking care of them while they await their flight back to Manila. Your kids and relatives would understand the situation. Again, if that was what you claim that you wanted to do.

And besides with you being the Vice President of the Philippines, I am sure Philippine Airlines would have moved heaven or hell just to get you on a plane back to the Philippines. Again, if that was what you really wanted.

I recently saw the call for help of the OVP for construction supplies to aid the reconstruction of damaged houses in the affected areas. At a certain point I would like to believe in the sincerity of the request but the hypocrisy that has been going around is making it look that it is all for a show. Come to think of it, VP Leni was one good fundraising person. Imagine being able to raise millions from “pagbebenta ng lugaw” for her campaign. This would be a great opportunity for her to show her skills and really establish the truth behind her “lugaw” story. Who knows it might even answer the question on where you got the money for your recent US trip.

On a side note, I am fascinated with the pictures that are coming out recently showing your visits to the affected areas. It exuded a very Mar-Roxas-Post-Yolanda feel. The motorcycle ride was perfect, without you falling over. It was nostalgic. I am just waiting for that magazine cover where you get to take the cover with your over-the-top haggard look while on ground zero.

Again, I do not condemn her for being at the wrong place at the wrong time. She had every right to go on vacation. What I condemn is the act of trying to make her look like she was damn worried about those who were affected and the publicity that goes with it. She should stop making excuses and just work on what she can do now instead of trying to make it look that she cared enough. Yes, she was worried when and after the typhoon hit us, but she was not worried enough to even give us a damn call.

Now, saan ako makakabili ng lugaw ni madam?


November 8, 2013.

The most powerful storm to make landfall in history.

1, 473, 251 families affected.

6, 300 dead.

It has already been three years since the destructive typhoon hit our shores and yet majority of those affected are still reeling from its effects. Most of our fellow Filipinos struggle on a day-to-day to pick up the pieces and they have done so over the past three years. They have tried to rebuild their lives on their own or with very minimal assistance from OUR previous government.

I remember at the height of this year’s election when Mar Roxas gallantly paraded that 93% of Yolanda rehabilitation projects under the DILG has been completed (http://news.abs-cbn.com/halalan2016/focus/03/20/16/fact-check-93-of-dilg-projects-for-yolanda-completed). This includes evacuation centers, municipal halls, public markets, and multi-purpose halls. His claim may be partly true as stated in a fact-check done by ABS-CBN. He claims that by this virtue alone, he has done what he can do in his capacity. That is true.

However during a recent inspection by Vice President Robredo, she called for an audit of the Yolanda’s government housing project after discovering that only 1% have been completed (http://www.philstar.com/nation/2016/09/18/1624843/robredo-only-1-houses-yolanda-victims-completed). Her frustration can be felt when she said “I am disappointed because it is called emergency shelter response, but three years after Yolanda, it is still not there.” It is frustrating that out of the 205, 000 families who needed it the most, we only had a measly 2, 500 families who had proper shelter as of September 18, 2016.

If you still do not get it, let me put it bluntly. What is the use of having a municipal hall or a public market when the basic RIGHT for shelter is not even there for the Yolanda victims?

The point is simple – the previous administration failed the Yolanda victims dramatically when it came to providing a decent home for every family. The very slow action on housing, compounded by other issues on poor execution, spoiled relief goods, and politicking, is no match to what was supposedly done. It was more prudent to admit that the PNoy government was not able to properly manage the post-Yolanda rehabilitation. Yes, they could claim that they have done what they could in their capacity but, the bottom line, they failed considering the financial outpouring of support both locally and internationally.

But you know what I find more disturbing, I do not hear any clamor for accountability on this issue despite the glaring revelations that are being presented. I do not see any human rights activists, political groups, concerned citizens, or even millennials calling out those who are responsible for this post-Yolanda tragedy. I am bothered by the deafening silence of the supposed “concerned” Filipinos.

What I cannot comprehend is that how can the previous administration could have let the basic right for shelter be trampled on despite the glaring need for it to be addressed for the past three years. It is interesting to seek accountability on this issue considering that we received a huge amount in assistance for the very purpose of addressing these pressing needs of our fellow Filipinos affected by Yolanda.

So what is my point?

Where is your voice on this issue?

I have seen people raise up their arms, raise their voices, use their power on social media, abuse the “share” buttons on Facebook, and share their thoughts on supposed human rights violation at these times, and even to a dead man, BUT I do not see their supposed voices on this particular issue. Why turn the blind eye on this one and the many other cases of failures that we need previous administration to be accountable for? Why?

I was actually surprised that VP Leni Robredo even raised the issue and even gallantly stated that she will be asking for a government audit. Why am I surprised? Mainly because I did not expect her to go against her political affiliations. But at the time that she made the announcement, I was relieved that it was her own way of showing that she was working for the “laylayan ng lipunan”. But almost two months after the announcement, what happened then? There was complete silence on her end. I think we deserve to know what happened to your findings, VP Leni. I mean, she cannot speak about the “laylayan”, a promise that she branded during the election, and yet turn a blind eye now because of her affiliation. There was no update on this issue even on her achievements as HUDCC head that circulated after she resigned. Don’t you think that this would have made a bigger impact on your achievements more than the meetings that you attended, which I heard was just one by the way. I just hope that this is not one of those issues where you intentionally set aside the “laylayan” because it will have a tremendous effect on the people that you are affiliated to – the very reason why I made a last minute vote switch against you during the last election.

Again, where are the “cool” statement placards on this issue?

When I see people on my timeline or in the news re-posting articles that demand accountability from former Philippine Presidents and even to the alleged EJKs, I excitedly anticipate their stand when issues come up that involve the previous administration. Interestingly, these very same people seem to have a knack to skip the last 6 years in their demand for accountability. I reckon that they either turn a blind eye on it making then accomplices of the previous administration or they were all hibernating somewhere in the past 6 years.

It is the same case that I see in the Yolanda Housing Issue, most of these “concerned and principled” Filipinos, as their claim, stay silent on the issue. I do not see the statement placards. I do not see them re-posting and stating their demand from the Aquino Administration’s accountability. I do not see them going to the streets to demand drivers to make “beep beep” their horns for the victims of Yolanda. They remain silent.

They remain silent despite of the fact that our fellow Filipinos in Leyte were left on their own for the past three years as shown in the housing problem that they face. The problem is glaring at us at the moment and one that you cannot deny.

If you claim to fight for human rights then you have got to do it across all administrations. You cannot demand accountability from one and yet turn a blind eye on another. That is not what you call principles. It is called political partisan.

Such a tragedy after a tragedy, to think that we have not yet talked about where the financial aid that the Philippines received went to.

“Nakakabingi ang katahimikan ninyo.”