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This week was a very sad week for the Philippines with the death of former Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago.

Known for both her fierce and witty remarks, MDS has continually endeared herself to the public via her brutally honest interrogation in the upper house or with her famous pick-up lines. These remarks are so memorable that its compilation have resulted to two coffee books which I enjoyed reading. Too bad though that I was not able to have the books signed by her when I had the chance. The late senator definitely left a huge hole in politics and in everyday Filipino lives.

Let us face it, Senator Santiago is one of those characters that made politics very colorful in a very good way. She can definitely strike down with her fierce interpolation and yet still manage to inject humor in her no nonsense kind of way. When she is fired up, watching her is like watching a comedy sitcoms similar to that of Will and Grace. She makes you think while you are smiling or giggling.

Some people would claim that Miriam Defensor-Santiago was one of the best Presidents that we never had. She is definitely one of the few politicians in this country whom you cannot question her love and passion in serving the Filipinos. She has practically dedicated most her life to serving the Philippines and, without a doubt, served exceptionally in all three branches of the government.

I remember having supported her very first bid to the Presidency. I remember the emboldened youth rallying behind her. Her political support is grounded on the youth and she has shown that even in the last Presidential elections. Her eloquence, track record, and persona always radiated towards the youth. This particular sector always reciprocated by giving her their unwavering support and love even to this day. Her first Presidential bid was her prime and THAT was her time. Unfortunately, the voting population, in theory, thought otherwise.

So did I rally behind her during the last election?

I did not.

But it was not because that I did not believe in her. It was just not her time anymore. I believed in her so much that even when the election was turning muddy, I would not even dare throw anything against her and I believe that most people did the same during the election. She had that kind of respect in the public’s eye.

But the way that I saw her were not all rosy. I vividly remember walking to her house in UP Village and rallying against her when she was one of the senators who voted not to open the envelope during the trial of then President Erap. As history would attest, that move caused mass action that threw Erap out of his office. And for the late senator, it was a job that she needed to do and she boldly faced the consequences that came with her decision. She came out of that “fire” unscathed. I believe that she has earned more respect from her colleagues and the Pinoys after that.

What would I miss about her?

I would miss her antics at the senate floor. I guess the emergence of Matobato during the senate committee hearing brought into light one fact – that we miss the former senator on the floor. We miss her analogy and the way she puts questions to unravel the truth. We all know that if the former senator was seated with the committee hearing on the alleged “extrajudicial killings”, we would be seeing a more dynamic turn of events without the drama, and there is a huge chance of a giggle or two.

Former Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago will definitely be missed. She is one political figure who transcends politics with her love for her country. She has served OUR country well and I hope that we all learn from her.

I bet you that she is probably looking down at us right now saying… “eh di namiss ninyo ako!”.

We definitely miss you Madame Senator!