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Exactly a year ago, a shift in power came into play when a city mayor became the first Philippine President to come from Mindanao. This change came after a divisive election campaign that had me taking my armour and getting into the frontlines. I fought for him and I voted for him. And yes, I do not have regrets having done so and I am mighty proud to be a Dutertard.

As his first year come to pass, we are now getting these supposed “report cards” and evaluations from different politicians. Those who are aligned with him have given them all their praises and those who do not like him have romped up all their negatives against him. They can say anything that they want but THE one thing that really matters in the political arena is the pulse of the people he serves. This is where PDiggy reigns with high grades. You can say anything and everything but MY President has the support of the majority – the true sense of democracy.

Let me share with you my personal thoughts about why my trust in PDiggy kept its ground.

PDiggy is the President void of the pomp and pageantry.

PDiggy is void of the pomp and pageantry that we got used to from the previous administrations. He kept his character without conforming to the usual ways of traditional politicians. He says what he says and he acts the way he needs to act as a leader defined by him not by what others dictate. Others may be dismayed by his supposed lack of “class” that they have always associated with Philippine Presidency. His ways and means make him stand out as a leader – PDiggy has given us himself without the pretensions.

Furthermore, his supposed street character is what endeared him to MAJORITY of the Filipinos who propelled him to the Presidency. It is the same character that he lives by to this today thus sending the message that what we saw in him then is the same that we see now. It was not just mere propaganda. He was not someone trying to be someone else just to get the nod of people. He is a man of no pretension.

PDiggy is a President of servitude.

The truth stand that, with PDiggy, Filipinos go first. H has played his cards very well in the international arena by weighing in on which international relationship will be most beneficial for us. At last, we have managed to get US hands off our necks from their tightened hold. He has managed to open our doors to other countries rather than focusing on just one. He was not too eager to please Uncle Sam but was more focused on what would be the best for Filipinos.

Yes, he spent a lot of international travels but let us not disregard the huge benefits that we are getting from these trips in terms of assistance and projects. His “Build, Build, Build” program is geared on addressing infrastructure requirements necessary to our growing economy.

It is amazing how PDiggy placed Filipinos first in his agenda. He speaks and acts based on how he can make things better for Filipinos. As I have said before, his words and actions strike close to home. Case in point, who would have thought that we can have our own 911 emergency line? While others scoffed at the idea, here he was making it happen. He is a President who wants to put the basics in place for everyone, and not just for the privileged few.

The same spirit of servitude resonates with his cabinet secretaries, barring a few. We see a more personal approach during human crisis. We see a more responsive government through him. We are finally experiencing a government that is working for us.

PDiggy and his personal touch.

Nothing will PDiggy’s personal touch on issues. It was a welcome relief to see a President visiting the wakes of fallen heroes without the usual fanfare. He cries with them as he consoles their widows and assures them of government support. You feel his sincerity when he wraps his arms on a grieving relative and you feel the genuine smile that he shares with his supporters. Again, what we see is what we get.

His compassion towards Filipinos cannot be undermined. His sincerity precedes him and you actually feel it. Here is a President who reaches out, not for the fanfare of politics, but because he feels that it is his obligation. Here is a President that Filipinos can really relate to whether in words or actions.

PDiggy’s detractors can say all that they want against him but one thing that they cannot dispel are his words and actions are enough to defend him. People believe and trust him because of what he has given us on his first year of Presidency – the feeling that we are finally cared for. He was able to show Filipinos that “kaya naman pala” if a person leads with a heart for the Filipinos. He was able to define a brand of leadership that Filipinos need and should look for in our future leaders.

As one political analyst puts it… PDiggy is a tough leader who makes tough decisions and actions when the Filipino’s welfare is at stake but, at the end of the day, he will always be a “tatay” who will always make the best decisions for his family.