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I just came back from a week-long conference which unintentionally made me absent on my social media accounts. Except for a couple of pics, some FB check-ins, and brief moments of browsing, I was out of touch. So when a colleague asked me if it was true that Mocha Uson was running for Senator, I was not aware and asked her to check which media outfit published the news. She read the FB post from CNN Philippines which I said then it is probably true.

In the end, I told her that it was probably a political tactic of checking the winnability of Mocha as a Senator. A means by which a name is floated and then observed for the reactions of the people at the receiving end. I never really took much of it because, one, I am not a fan of Mocha and neither am I interested with her, and two, I do not simply care – I support the President and it does not necessarily follow that I support ALL of his officials.

Yes, that is possible.

It never dawned on me how much this affected some of my FB friends when my FB and Twitter timelines were bombarded by Pro and Anti Mocha sentiments as soon as I stepped out of the plane. It has come to a point that I muted a friend’s posts because of her anti-Mocha posts, not because I supported Mocha but because I just had enough of it.

I was not interested in Mocha Uson.

Interestingly, more information are trickling in that she was not running and she did not take any oath with the said party. There are also clarifications that a Senator-wannabe and member of the current administration’s info team was clarifying his statement and that he claims he was misquoted on the issue. Whether it be a shift on the idea or fake news, things are getting clearer now.

A quick point though that this issue have clearly shown is the power within Mocha Uson. Whether people admit it or not, Mocha Uson is a power to reckon with in social media. Her breadth and scope goes beyond the people who support her and transcends to even those who hate her. It has come to a point that even I, who have no interest in her, is writing this blog entry about her.

If you still do not get it, Mocha Uson’s power lies in the reaction and interaction that she gets with her social media presence. The name of the game in social media is reach and influence. With millions of followers, she definitely has the reach. Their reaction, your reaction, and even my reaction, through this post, counts as her influence. It does not matter whether you agree or disagree with her. What matters is that she has the reach and that she has influenced you to react. That is the name of the game of social media. Inadvertently, we are making her effective in the government post that she is in.

If there was any grain of truth to her running for the position of a senator, let it be. As far as I know, the Philippine Constitution gives her the liberty to do so. She has the same right as anyone to run for a government office, in the same way that you have the right to influence others not to vote for her.

Now voting for her is entirely a different story for me. I have to agree that she can run for office but giving her my vote will require a lot of thinking and re-thinking. Again, it is something that I am keen on NOT doing. If she does run for office, I have to agree that giving the public an educated discussion as to her merits and qualifications be the key focus of the discussion rather than lambasting her for her personal convictions and her past.

It does not help that some people inadvertently create a victim out of Mocha. Remember that the current sentiments are with the pro-Duterte bloggers after the unmasking of prominent FB personalities from the other side of the fence. The unmasking has proven one thing… that they were right all along with the accusations against these anti-Duterte bloggers and their associations. The truths that were revealed strengthened the hold of Mocha Uson to her followers. A funny and interesting observation after the “unmasking” was the mellowing down of the anti-Duterte bloggers. They were not as hard-hitting nowadays compared to the times when they were anonymous.

Mocha Uson is Mocha Uson. Whether we like it or not, she is a popular and a well-received persona in the Duterte administration. You may not like her but she is loved by many, judging from the number of followers that she currently enjoys. If she decides to run, she may also turn out to be a force to reckon with, come election time. Stop bullying her because the favour is with her at this time. In the end, she might rise up a hero because you keep on putting her down.

Again, I do not care about her BUT I care for my country.


I guess the recent Assistant Secretary of the PCOO appointment of Mocha Uson is probably the best “pie-in-your-face” moment for all her detractors. I could imagine the horrified look on their faces when the appointment was announced. As expected, her detractors were up on their toes denouncing the move by questioning her background, raising her past, and questioning her qualifications. But one thing that you cannot deny is that she has redeemed herself, leaving her detractors completely muddied and embarrassed.

First up, I was never a huge fan of Mocha and I only get to read up on her when her detractors are up in arms over something she said or something that came up just like her appointment. I never read her posts so I have no proof whatsoever that she is responsible for spreading fake news as what her detractors would commonly say. All I know at this point is that she is a huge supporter of the PDiggy with a huge following on social media.

As always, the first thing that her detractors raise against her is her past having gone through the sexy image route to penetrate the showbiz industry. She did make a stir and has a created her own niche. Unfortunately, this past, emphasis on the past, has been used and abused by her detractors. It has come to a point where a person that I follow on twitter would retweet Mocha’s tweets with sexual color almost everyday. But here is the thing, these tweets were posted years ago, long before this newfound fame she is enjoying now. This guy really takes the time to go back to memory lane just to smear Mocha Uson.

But if this would be used as a point against her then, to be fair with everyone, we should also ask those who are in public office who came from the same route to vacate their positions, right? This would include the likes of Vilma Santos, Jestoni Alarcon, and Richard Gomez who also went sexy at one point in their career in the entertainment industry. I mean, let us put these people in the same box. The same goes with G Toengi who ironically used this card against Mocha, not realizing that she was also once an ST star.

The point being is simple, people can drastically change their lives depending on their conviction. Yes, it is possible to make that 360-degree change in a snap and that is what we are seeing in Mocha Uson at this point. Honestly, what I am starting to admire about her is the way that she is handling the criticisms. She does not let her past haunt her or affect what she is doing now but instead focuses on what she can do better at present.

Another point of contention by her detractors are her qualifications. Some have even came to the point of saying that she does not deserve the salary grade that she is in and that they deserve it more. Others compare that salary grade with others below it hoping to initiate that ill feeling from those who receive less.

Let me emphasize two arguments on this one – the salary grade and her qualifications.

Qualifications-wise, Mocha Uson is a distinguished alumni of the University of Santo Tomas. Yes, she is a college graduate contrary to what her detractors are trying to paint against her. Although she did not proceed to becoming a medical technologist, she has established herself in the entertainment industry prior to becoming an active supporter and staunch defender of PDiggy. Again, her detractors would argue that the only qualification that she only had for being appointed by the PDiggy was the latter’s “utang na loob”.

We need to understand that the role that she was assigned to directly handles social media and, with a social media following of close to 5 Million and with a high rate of interaction, Mocha Uson is a more likely candidate for the role. PDiggy’s strategy is to reach out to the masses and he needs someone who can easily do that. Whether you like it or not, Mocha stands out on this aspect. What the President needs is someone whom he can trust to simply get the info out there to his constituents. If I were in the same position, I would make the same tactical management decision of installing someone who I know is a staunch supporter and someone that I can trust. I mean why would you install someone who will just simply be a headache, right? No offense meant, VP Leni.

As for the salary grade, this has been mandated by law ever since and it is not simply within the whims of PDiggy so to use it against her is completely idiotic. Now to use it as a comparison to your sorry being is a lot more idiotic. If you feel that you deserve that kind of salary grade then I suggest that you go to your direct superior and present that argument to them. They would have a better explanation as to why you are not getting that kind of salary and give you a career growth plan of how to get there. Hopefully, your direct superior will also be able to whack your head and wake you up to the reality that you are not as good as you think you are.

I really think that her appointment was a triple whammy to her detractors. I mean they do not realize that they also played the part of making her a popular personality on social media with all the insults and reactions that they throw at her. They easily played their part for her to get this following and eventually to becoming an Assistant Secretary. To make matters worse, they cannot easily put down her Facebook page or Twitter account now considering that her new appointment legitimizes her as a communications officer of the government. It would be stupid for Facebook to shut down the page of the Assistant Secretary for Social Media of the Presidential Communications Operations Office of the Philippines, right?

I guess, Mocha Uson just went on an attack from behind and simply gave her detractors the gift of a hashtag – #NaMochaYo!

So this is the time of the year where we get to work on our goals for 2017. We look back to the year that was and start listing how we want 2017 to look like. This is a great time to put the past behind and put our learnings from 2016 into motion for a better year ahead.

2016 was awesome year for me. It was a year that was full of blessings and learnings. It was also a year that I saw myself politically involved with what was happening in the country. While my Instagram feed was a gallery of my travels, my Facebook account was a gallery of my political views.

And yes, I am a well-informed Dutertard and a passionate Filipino.

This would be my last post for 2016 so I opted to make a wishlist for 2017 for some of the most colorful personalities this year. I have chosen these personalities based from my perceived notion that they made 2016 a colorful and vibrant one.

President Rodrigo Duterte

You rock! This is a man who shook and is still shaking the foundations of Philippine politics creating ripples in the country and around the world. A lot of things are being thrown at PRRD but you have to admit that this is a man of action, and not mere words. The former Davao City Mayor is THE only Philippine President who made Filipinos feel that there is a government that is working for Filipinos – free tuition for SUCs, free medicine, free hospitalization for indigents, free irrigation, etc. His actions go beyond the words that come out of his “filthy” mouth. He is a man who is now showing the world that the Filipino is not a pushover. You cannot deny that.

This is the same reason why he is upsetting SOME people.

I wish for good health and safety for PRRD. Your accomplishment over the past six months have been awesome and is felt by many Filipinos. We still have 5.5 years ahead, dear President, and I am excited to see more pro-Filipino actions in the years to come. OUR country badly needs you.

Vice President Leni Robredo

I still have high hopes for you, VP Robredo. I have a strong gut feel that if you and PRRD work together towards the common good for the country, we can move forward faster.

I just wish that you can go beyond your political affiliation in 2017 and REALLY work for the best of every Filipino. I wish that you stop the publicity and I wish that we would see more quantitative results from your office.

Senator Grace Poe

Senator Poe really stood out for me after showing the real measure of grace after the election when she was the first to concede in the presidential race. I wish that in the next six years, she would be able to gain more experience in public office that I hope would make her a viable candidate in 2022.

Senator Leila de Lima

I find you outrageous and desperate. I pity that you are not getting enough support from any of your political mates. You definitely gave “saba” a new sexy twist. I just wish that the truth regarding all the accusations against you gets cleared out so, once and for all, you either get cleared or simply go to jail for it. That way, we can all sit down and have a nice merienda of fried “saba”.

General Bato

The “rock” behind the anti-drug campaign. Saludo po ako sa inyo. It takes a lot of will power and guts to clear the police ranks of its evils. I wish that the Lord gives you strength to put your plans into action. We need you in this country.

Secretary Manny Pinol

Thank you for showing us that it can be done without the pomp and pageantry. You have been the silent worker who has essentially touched the lives of a lot of our fellow Filipinos. You are crucial in making PRRD human to Filipinos on the ground. I wish that you would continue to be a shining example of what a public service should look like – that it is not about you, it is about the people.

Yolanda Victims

You have gone through a lot over the past three years and it is only now that we are seeing the lack of government assistance from the previous administration.

I sincerely wish that you will now get the necessary assistance that the government owes you these past years. I hope that you will get a better life under the PRRD administration. I also wish that ALL government officials responsible for your continued suffering be held accountable and sent to jail.

Mocha Uson

I STILL do not read or view your blogs but I must admit that the common people are aligned to you. That is a fact that we cannot deny. I wish that you could go beyond just fighting for Duterte but be able to provide a comprehensive look at what we are facing as Filipinos and be able to make common people understand.

Ethel Booba

People may poke fun at your english but your tweets are not only hilarious but some do make sense. I wish to read more of your tweets and a second volume of your book “Charotism”. Charot!

Grupong Dilawan

You can try to hide your colors in the guise of fake patriotism but the smell of your disgrace just seeps out. The people have spoken and you have to accept the fact that things have changed. No amount of hatred and negative publicity can mask your attempt to try to look good.

PRRD is the President so you have got to deal with it now. I believe in constructive criticism but your criticism borders on too much negativity and is based on hatred – plain hatred and defeat.

I wish that the Grupong Dilawan finally accepts the change and the changes that is forthcoming. I wish that you can go beyond mere criticisms to that of criticisms that contribute to nation building. I also wish that you also recognize the good stuff that PRRD has been doing and please stop the no sense nitpicking on Duterte. Lalo kayong nagmumukhang spoiled yellowtards.


To my fellow Dutertards, we have gone through a lot over the past months. Yes, we love PRRD and that we hate the negative publicity that others have thrown at him but we also need to recognize that PRRD is not god.

I wish that we remain vigilant to the fight for a better Philippines under PRRD. I also wish that we learn to balance what we say for PRDD with his imperfections. At please lang… hindi lahat ay pinapatulan.

Former President PNoy

Hmm… please spearhead the distribution of the Luisita land to its respective recipients as accorded by the law. Please abide by the SC’s decision and follow the law.


As for adobongpinoy.wordpress.com, I promise to remain vigilant in the search for a better Philippines.

Having said that, I wish you all the best for 2017 and Happy New Year!