They say that great leaders rise at a time of great crisis and I totally agree with that. On the other side of the fence is the fact that at the same time of crisis, we also get to see the great fall of total idiots. I mean when we pick up a stick, we get both ends, right?

And seriously with the recent #MarawiClash, I had so much fun watching idiots fall flat on their faces with all their shared thoughts. Nasty and feisty at the start, they end up getting burned to the pulp by individuals who simply raised the level of their game by fact checking. Yes, these self-proclaimed “guardians” have every right to exercise their right of free speech and, as part of the freedom, also exercise their right to look stupid to their audience.

At the onset of the #MarawiClash, we had Leah Navarro taking the helm of the offensive against PDiggy, who happened to be in Russia at the time, with her hashtag – #NasaanAngPangulo. She reasoned that this was a time that the Marawi people needed him to be in the country and PDiggy was not in sight. It was an obvious swipe at the President similar to what VP Leni got when she proceeded with her US vacation despite the threat of a typhoon hitting Bicol.

Dutertards werequick to defend the President and I must say that they did it with flair. Miss Navarro failed to understand three crucial points in her offensive stance:

  1. PDiggy was on an official working trip to Russia at the time of the #MarawiClash, meaning he was at work, while that of VP Leni’s was a personal vacation… simply on a US vacation. That spells out a big difference.
  2. The clash was unexpected unlike the typhoon that was expected to hit the Bicol area.

These two points alone were enough to crush he attempts to discredit PRRD but using the hashtag, #NasaanAngPangulo, was the biggest clincher of all. The hashtag originated when the former PNoy, whom she supports to the tee, was attending a car event in Laguna while the remains of the Mamasapano heroes were arriving at Villamor Airbase. She unwittingly used a hashtag that was actually a swipe to the former President. In short, she used the hashtag that was actually an insult to PNoy. I guess it was her way of showing how much she loves and supports the former President.

The best part of it was when PDiggy made his statement “Don’t be afraid, I am coming home.” It totally knocked her wits out and that completely shut her up. I guess #NasaanSiLeahNavarro is a more appropriate hashtag at this time.

Of course, Jim Paredes wouldn’t pass up on the chance to put some relevance to his supposed “paninindigan” by citing the Zamboanga Siege. He said that that PNoy did not declare Martial Law at that time. Again, Dutertards were quick to put up a line of defence citing the mishandling of the situation by the previous administration.

On my end, I will simply put it as PNoy’s non-declaration of Martial Law then was NOT because of the circumstances but because his hands were tied to simply not to. Declaring Martial Law was never an option for PNoy. Simply think about the irony to have Ninoy and Cory fight against Martial Law only to be installed by their ONLY son even if it is just in Zamboanga City. It was more of an “iwas-pusoy” for PNoy. Let us face it that among all Philippine Presidents, it is the Aquinos who will never declare Martial Law even if needed. Again, it would be ironic.

I do not think former PNoy would be that stupid to make that move unless Jim Paredes have a different view of the former President’s intellect.

Over and above everyone is Raissa Robles and her failed attempts to carve out something for herself on the issue. It was actually amusing to watch her attack and fall flat on her face, only to rise up and fall flat again. It was like watching a circus where she was the clown and the social media users were her audience. It was dumb as f*ck but fairly amusing.

Her first attempt was an attack on Davao City Mayor Sarah Duterte when she issued guidelines for her constituents in the light of the Martial Law declaration in Mindanao by PDiggy. Miss Robles questioned the authority of the esteemed Mayor in her issuance of the said guidelines.

Prior to even reading Miss Robles’ tweet, I already read through the said guidelines released by Mayor Duterte. The guidelines were informing Davaoenos the basics of what to do and what to expect in Davao. It was intended for residents of Davao City coming from their local government head. I found it appropriate for the Mayor to take such concrete action as an attempt to quench any apprehension on the ML declaration. It was meant to inform, educate, tone down apprehensions, and guide Davaoenos.

Of course, Raissa Robles’ attempt to make it look inappropriate made her fall flat on her face straight into the mud. I read it and it was quite clear that it was Mayor Duterte’s guidelines to her constituents and, seriously as Mayor of Davao, she has the right to issue it. Mayor Sara was simply in the hood when she slammed Robles’ with her backlash and she was on point – if only Miss Robles read through it first before tweeting.

Still not done, another tweet comes through a few days after. This time hitting on Davao on their alleged refusal to accommodate Marawi refugees considering that Iligan and Cotabato were accommodating. The tweet simply had me laughing out loud. I guess most of the social media users were laughing their hearts out, as well.

A quick look at google maps would show that Iligan and Cotabato are the closest cities to Marawi. Davao is a long way down south. Miss Robles seemed to have misunderstood that when people flee a battle area, people seek refuge to the nearest city so Iligan and Cotabato are the best options. No one in the right mind would think of going to Davao first because of the DISTANCE unless they are planning to migrate or take a vacation. She seemed to have missed out that people fleeing Marawi are seeking refuge, not planning a field trip. Again geographically, you seek refuge to the closest city that you can go to especially when you only have a few belongings and valuables with you.

A simple toggling on the phone would have saved her the embarrassment. The funny thing is that she is still justifying that Davao will not accept refugees from Marawi even if there were no statements confirming her claim. I seriously think that it is simply her attempt to regain herself. Nevertheless, she is the obvious runaway winner for this round of idiots’ game. She fell and she fell mighty hard.

The best leaders rise during the most difficult times but it also shows stupidity at its finest. In this case, the #MarawiClash had me more amused with the idiots attempting to make themselves look smart in an arena where they really play hard. #SimplyAmusing.