I really do not get it why some people would go to the point of trying to close down pages of individuals who support PRRD. Social media is a platform for free expression and, honestly, you always have the option to unfollow or block individuals and pages that may have a different view from yours. Tolerance and common sense are something that some people lack nowadays especially on social media. Individuals who cannot respect other people’s opinions should not even go try social media.

Senyora is one of the popular social media personalities in the Philippines and is the latest victim of anti-Duterte individuals. Her popularity goes even before declaring her support for Duterte. She has endeared a lot of Filipinos with her wit and straight forward posts that had a very soap opera touch. She was the “contrabida” that everybody loved. Her posts were so popular that she was able to compile in a book and have it published.

So what do these people get from trying to silence pages that are pro-Duterte, like Senyora?


Their attempt to shut down these pages reflect the own frailties. These people cannot stand a different opinion and, worse, these people cannot make their arguments stand that they would try to just shut down the people who make sense. I mean, how do you win a losing argument? Just ask your opponent to shut up. These people would go leaps and bounds to try to shut people up because they cannot win the arguments. BUT remember that when you silence people up, it does not mean that you won your case. It just shows how lame your argument is, that the only way to win is to go unopposed.

It is also funny that they do not realize that shutting these pages down make people more curious about it and the person behind it thus giving the affected party more leverage in terms of platform. More people become interested to read their posts. Sooner or later, the similar point of views are reinforced to the reader and, better yet, the differing positions offer a better and more logical stand point. The next thing you know these readers become followers of the very people that was blocked initially. I mean how do you think did I come across Sass? Thanks to those who attempted to shut down her page.

Have you ever wondered why these people who request to shut down pages are called hypocrites? It is simply because they are full of contradictions. They play on the strong belief that their voices should be heard and that they offer a different point of view. And yet they are the very same people who cannot take the differing opinions of others hence they request to shut it down. Most Filipinos are smarter now and that they can see these things through. These two contradictions define one thing… the people who request for the closure of these pages are THE contradictions.

One thing that I also find intriguing is that why do we always find Pro-Duterte pages and individuals getting the brunt of all these request for shutdowns. Let us put this logically, who would requests for the shutdown of these pages. The fingers will all point to the anti-Duterte groups and individuals, and with the news of these group trying to label pro-Duterte pages as false news, it is reinforces the idea that they are the ones responsible for it.

Now with the popularity and the affirmation that PRRD is getting from most Filipinos, these anti groups are seen as self-serving more than being nationalistic. When they try to shut down these pro-PRRD pages, they are seen as antagonist who cannot accept change so they try to shut down those pages that become partners of the government.

In reality, the attempt to shut down these Pro-Duterte pages reflect the perpetrators fear that they have lost their grounds on the social media realm. It proves that the shakers and movers behind political figures have shifted to the men and women behind the keyboards. Social media has broken the monopoly of information that was previously controlled by mainstream media. It has given birth for common individuals to share the real facts against the “polished” facts thus giving their followers the convenience to really make educated decisions.

These anti-Duterte groups requesting for the shutdown of these pages, in reality, does not gain anything from their actions. They spend a lot of their time and resources trying to silence individuals and pages but what they do not realize is that they are bringing up a louder echo from the group that they are targeting. While these anti-Duterte try to gather their troops, the pro-Duterte movement have long banded together towards a common goal. It makes the anti-PRRD groups look desperate to the point that they are losing more than gaining grounds.

Social media is a huge expanse that these attempts will provide futile in the future. Affected parties can create new ones and use other applications to reach out to their followers and, guess what, their followers will always radiate towards them so these “anti” groups head back to square one. Science clearly explains it very well, it is hard to put a moving object to a complete stop because of momentum. The pro-Duterte groups are enjoying the momentum while the anti-Duterte desperately tries to gain theirs.

So… nasaan si Senyora?

Yes, I miss her. I really hope that she gets her Facebook page back so I can follow her. I actually did not know that she had a page until she was taken out, thanks to the perpetrators. If her page gets re-instated or she makes a new one, please buzz me so I can follow her.

By the way, don’t worry Senyora, I will be heading to National Bookstore today to get a copy of your book. This is my way of showing you that I fully support you. Again, thanks to the idiots who were trying to shut you up.