So it has already been 100 days after PRRD assumed the Office of the President. It’s been 100 days of solid support from majority of Filipinos which we cannot deny from the recent SWS survey. While many have given varying evaluation of the President’s performance, the first 100 days were 3 months and 8 days of challenges, strong word exchanges, perceived controversies, and concrete action.

Instead of running the usual scorecards and evaluate PRRD’s first 100 days, I have decided to attempt to give a brief explanation as to why PRRD has continued to endear himself to majority of the Filipinos despite the criticisms and SOME attempts to discredit him. Again, these are based on my observations and research and you are free to raise your points provided that you do it the proper way.

1. President Duterte moves closer to our homes.

You can argue with the words that threw out but we cannot deny that PRRD has hit all of us closer to home.

He nailed it when he started working on the issues that affects us directly. His drive to solve the problem on drugs created a stir in the community but we cannot deny that it has significantly reduced the crimes committed by addicts in the community. It scared the sh*t in all of us but it has given most of us the peace of mind. We feel more comfortable now that we hear that is something is being done to rid the problem rather than just recognizing its existence.

Safety is a major issue and, with the current focus of the PRRD government, the fear has shifted from the innocent civilians to the crime perpetrators. Seriously, the people who lives in fear are those who have something or knows someone who is in the drug business.

At the end of the day, he handled issues that were closer to our homes rather than issues that MOST Filipinos really do not feel the immediate effect. He dealt with issues that affect us and on issues that have an immediate effect on everyday Filipinos.

2. President Duterte shows us that it is all about will power.

The “Tanim Bala” was an issue that haunted every traveler in the Philippines. We feared being a victim for months up to the point that Filipinos were made to look stupid by being victims. Some people had the gall to blame the issue on the victims.

Reality check… the issue that haunted us for months was solved in less than 100 days. What was the difference? Putting the right people in the right place and just plain political will to resolve the issue.

You may think that it is a small thing BUT it does say a lot of political will.

3. Duterte’s compassion for the common people is evident.

Beyond the “papogi” moves, it was nice to see how he takes into account the plight of struggling Filipinos. In no time, he was able to repatriate Filipinos who were stuck in the Middle East. It may not matter to most but to these OFWs and their families… it is just plain relief. He did it without pomp and pageantry. He just did it.

The AFP and the PNP are the backbone of our safety. We have seen him engage and interact with our forces during his visits. As far as my recollection, he is so far the only President that I know who not only professes his support to the military and police force BUT substantiates it by being there for them. He has visited quite a number of camps during his first 100 days and we cannot deny that you could really feel his support and respect for our forces. The support is overwhelming that it has boosted the morale and empowered our forces.

4. Duterte got the balls to play his game.

We have always been afraid of what he is about to say next. At one point, I myself pointed out for him not to feed the media with his words as it is often taken out of context. But Duterte is Duterte, he says what he wants when he wants. He has proven time and time again that he often challenges the way that we have been doing things.

Yes, he plays outside the box.

I remember during the election campaign when he raised the issue that the administration candidate is not capable of handling stress. At that point, the administration ticket solidly defended their candidate only to be proven that PRRD was right just a couple of days before the election.

In the same way, PRRD is challenging the way we think and the way we got used to the system. Others get squeamish with the idea because we are so accustomed to how it has been done that we are already afraid to challenge the system.

Case in point, his hard words against the United States. We have been so accustomed with pleasing the Americans that it has come to a point where we are afraid to offend them. We are so afraid to “lose” an ally.

Time and time again, I have always said that the US needs us more than we need them, Our geographical location in Asia is an advantage for the US and that is the reason why the US will not let go of us. The Philippines played a huge role in the liberation during WW2 because of our location.

I am not anti-American but I believe that we should know how to stand on our own and play what works to our advantage. If I go by how PRRD played his game in the past, he is good with his strategy.

5. PRRD walks and talks the way that MOST people understand.

Let us face it, PRRD appeals to common Filipinos because he walks and talks the same way as most Filipinos do. When PRRD blurts out his “putang-ina”, he speaks the way most Filipinos speak so there is no point being flabbergasted about it. The expression is a common among common Filipinos. Although some (hypocrites?) would refer to it as uncouth, most Filipinos relate to him because of the way he speaks. He throws out all the grandstanding and just simple talks where people can understand and relate to him.

Simply put, he spoke a language that the MOST Filipinos can relate to.

6. PRRD in power gave way to the birth of the thinking Filipino.

You may call it Dutertards but you have to admit that the Dutertards were born because people started to put a lot of things in thought. What I see nowadays is the birth of a more involved thinking Filipinos. We do not easily accept the information that is thrown in for our consumption. Most Filipinos have started to think beyond what we generally watch and read.

And yes… people have also came out to speak their thoughts, whether it be for or against him. There are cases where there is too much defense for him but we can also say that there is also others who are just simply against him no matter what.
One thing different now is that more Filipinos have learned to think more and get involved. We no longer allow information to ne monopolized by a few. We now have more people getting involved in the day to day affairs of the state.

7. PRRD is proudly Filipino and his unwavering love for the country.

One thing that we cannot deny is PRRD’s love for the Philippines. He serves no other than the Filipino masses. You can see from his actions and words that he puts the country first before politics. He says it and you see it in him all the time. Honestly, I have never seen a President who worked so hard and drove his cabinet so hard to make things easier for Filipinos.

His service to the country goes beyond politics. His zeal to make things easier for Filipinos is driven by his pure patriotism and love for his fellow men. In the past 100 days, he stood up for Filipinos and he promises to do so for the years to come.

100 days in office is not enough to measure the effects of PRRD’s administration. If we are to believe surveys, most Filipinos believe in him and I guess my countless encounters with fellow Filipinos have shown good words for PRRD. He has endeared himself to most Filipinos as he speaks and acts like any other and void of the pageantry that we have all been fed and have gone accustomed to.

When people ask me why he continues to be valued, his achievements in the past 100 days is enough to show that he is dead set to make changes in the governance of the Philippines and most Filipinos are seeing that. He is proud to be Filipino and works for the Filipino.

Yes, it is 100 days of p@&^ngina! He has achieved a lot and it is just his first 100 days BUT it seems like he has been our President for a year.

P&^%ngina talaga!