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Monthly Archives: April 2016


Yes, I am voting for Duterte. He is my President.

Yes, I am actively campaigning for him in his bid for the Presidency.

My Duterte blogs are my point of views as to why I am voting for Duterte and my attempt to explain his platforms. This way I hope I am able to influence you to either have a stonger belief in the capacity of this man to provide the needed change and work actively to campaign for him OR, at least, consider him as an even match to your candidate.

Again, some of you may oppose my point-of-views and I would welcome you to challenge it but let us do it with prudence. And then again, there will always be those who will find it annoying to which I would suggest that you stop right here and exit.

At a very young age, our parents were the first to have taught us about discipline. We do not interrupt older people when they are talking is a classic example. It teaches us about respect. When we get to school, our teachers and parents taught us that we should have the discipline to study. Set aside a time for study and a time for play – that is what we call prioritize. After spending time in college, you eventually graduate and start to work and what is the first thing that we are told – a series of rules about tardiness, absences, and everything that is expected of you in the workplace. It is the culmination of all the disciplines that we have acquired through the years. And to close the loop, we start the process to the younger ones by teaching the same thing to them, as a parent and as their manager.

What does it tell us?

Discipline is a basic for success. The disciplines that we acquire determine how we will track in the future and how fast we go through that track. Every individual has a certain level of discipline that brought us to where we are now. That is a fact.

One thing that I have complained about Filipinos, and I am sure a lot of you will agree, is our utter lack of discipline. I have heard this comment countless times – “Hindi totoo na hindi displinado ang Pinoy kasi pagpumupunta sila sa ibang bansa, sumusunod sila sa batas.” That is true. How come when Filipinos visit Singapore, Pinoys manage their behaviors to conform to the law of Singapore. Locally, you can also see the duplicity of how we see discipline in areas like Subic, Davao, and even Makati.

So where does the real problem lie? Are we innately undisciplined as a nation? Or do we lack the laws to keep us on track?

We all know the answer to that question and Duterte is the only one who has time and time again reiterated it… following the law has become an option for Filipinos.

We have a wrong notion of freedom. Most of us define freedom as a means to do things freely even if it means that it is against the law. In any case if we get caught, we have that option to bribe our way through the violation. That is the reason why Filipinos are the most courageous when it comes to challenging our laws. Just think about the Customs guy who courageously challenged, on live TV, that CCTVs are a violation of their rights. I would leave it at that as his succeeding statements just makes me want to whack him on the head.

So that means that we do have the right laws in place. We do not need further laws but what we actually need is for someone to make it grind. Someone who is tough that can make it grind like hell until every Filipino freaking follows it.

That is why I am choosing Duterte.

His tough approach to implementing the law is what we all need. We need someone who can air out the ills in the political system and drive out those officials who have been violating the law and have tried to cover its tracks. That is probably why Binay is afraid of Duterte. Binay knows that he cannot BS his way if Duterte wins, in the same way that he throws his BS to this administration who doesn’t have the knuckles to fight Binay out. Once and for all, we will finally find out whether Binay is guilty or not if Duterte wins.

Our discipline, the lack thereof, is the root cause of where we are now and sadly this administration and previous administrations have kept us on the same tracks of the undisciplined. My years in managing people have taught me this – no matter how good you laid out every single detail of the plan for your success, without the RIGHT DISCIPLINES, you will not get on executing the plan to its maximum. That is a fact.

Looking at his promise to work against criminality in 3 to 6 months is possible. Yes, it is.

It is just a matter of asking every Filipino to follow the law. A basic that we should all be doing. It is just about making sure that the rule of law is applied to an undisciplined group. It is about taking charge and moving his team in the Executive Branch to implement the law. If we are told that a violation merits a corresponding sanction and we know that the sanction is going to happen, even if hell breaks out, I figure that we will all follow. Again it is not about Martial Law, it is as simple as having a leader who have the balls to uphold the rule of law.

So we need a leader who can drive the law to its full extent, na walang kinikilingan. We need a leader who is not run by his political ambitions but runs because he genuinely cares for the country. We need a leader who can tell us, follow the law and we will. We need a leader who can lay down the basics for our country to move forward.

We need a leader who cares so much for the country that his first action is to make us law-abiding and disciplined citizens.

That is what we need.

That is why #IAmVotingForChange.