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Monthly Archives: March 2015

This week was a war of the seat.

I guess most of us have read and shook our heads with the recent story of a veteran actress that was offloaded a domestic flight after creating a commotion midway through the flight. As the story goes, the Pagadian-bound flight had to return to Manila after the actress became physical with the party that she had an earlier altercation with and a flight attendant. The reason for the altercation… her attempt to grab a reserved seat because she wanted to “take pictures of the clouds”.

After having read some reactions over the different social networking sites and controlling myself not to react, I have decided to just raise a couple of points on this latest entertainment buzz on this blog post.

The issue is not gender-related. I have read people’s opinion about the actress being disrespected and labelling the guy as homosexual for having stood up for his right. Yes, we may have questions as to how the guy treated the actress but then again, respect begets respect. What people fail to realize is that the guy has a consumer right having purchased the seat when he bought his ticket making him the rightful owner of the seat. Yes, the actress may have had a simple request but, in the end, she needs to respect the decision of the one who made the purchase. I think the most prudent action of the actress, after the guy refused her request, was to transfer to her assigned seat. I think that having to call the attention of the flight attendant to explain the situation to the actress that the actress was not giving due respect to the owner of the seat. So having to “seek advice” from Gabriela was such a lame way of making it look that it was a case of being gender insensitive.

Now, if she wanted to take pictures of clouds while taking off or during the flight then she should have had requested for a window seat at the time that she was checking in for her flight. There are a lot of window seats available in the flight that also offers a good view of the clouds and I guess some of these seats were available at the time that she checked in. In any case, I guess she has learned her lesson – if she wanted a better view, she can either buy a seat or request for it rather than grabbing it and taking the risk of getting offloaded.

Not very far from Terminal 3, a different “Game of Thrones” was happening in Makati City where two government officials were staking claim on the city’s highest post. The confusion stemmed from the corruption allegation against mayor-elect Jun-Jun Binay that gave way to the issuance of a 6-month suspension against him by the Office of the Ombudsman. When the order was released, Mayor Binay stood his ground and decided to make the city hall his temporary home with thousands of his supporters barricading its grounds. He then filed for a Temporary Restraining Order against his suspension at the Court of Appeals to which the court granted his request.

The request, however, was not recognized by DILG, claiming that Acting Mayor Pena was sworn in way ahead before the TRO was even granted in favour of Binay. With the Vice Mayor being sworn in and the TRO being granted, the throne game in Makati began with both parties having their own flag raising ceremony and making their own management decisions. The struggle continues with the question as to who should really be in power and should be recognized by the people of Makati.

Things can get confusing with the current set-up in Makati and loyalties can hamper even the day-to-day operations of the city. That being said, the delivery of basic services of their constituents might be affected by this political crisis. The Department of Interior and Local Government need to settle the matter before things go wrong in the management of our country’s premier financial district. Although, I would have to agree with the Acting Mayor Pena that if I were on the side of Binay I would honour the suspension order and let due process take place. That would be an honourable way to clear his name against the allegation of corruption.

Interestingly, President Aquino refuses to take on the seat of accountability on the Mamasapano incident despite two reports stating his accountability to the said operation. Well, I am not surprised that President PNoy refuses to take on the responsibility as I have always seen him as one who points a finger on somebody else. That is his weakness as a President, the stand to take on the responsibility for his actions.

*** R A V E A N D R A N T ***

Rave: Finally, the LRT and the MRT are finally upgrading towards a single ticket that can be used in all three lines. By doing so, it will be more convenient for commuters who use multiple lines. That would mean less lines in the ticketing counters and the ease of travel for us.

Rant: Stuck in the controversy of the Mamasapano incident, the Aquino government had been trying to use different diversionary tactics to get President PNoy out of the fire but none of it seems to be working for him. So his latest move, he is now using his being single to get it headlined in the news. Even claiming that he has almost 400 days left in the Presidency to do something about it. Seriously, does he expect people to buy that to get him out of the sh*t that he is in?