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Monthly Archives: August 2013

I wore a white shirt today.

I am one with my fellow Pinoys who are searching for answers. I am one of the million taxpayers who want answers to where our hard earned money went. I stand for transparency and accountability. I want the truth.

As a million Filipinos gather in Luneta and in different venues in the country as a show of indignation to the misuse of billions of public funds, I stand with them in spirit as we all search for answers and accountability from our government. You see…I cannot join them in Luneta as I have responsibilities at work. I am part of the Filipino workforce who toil daily to earn out a living and part of how much I earn is deducted from my pay as it is mandated by my own government as my responsibility in nation building.

I have never complained about the tax that is diligently and regularly deducted from me every 15th and 30th of the month. I have always looked at it as my prime responsibility as a Filipino. I have come into the habit of not checking on the tax deducted from my pay as it will just make me squirm on how much I am losing out. I just consoled myself that my country needs my contribution to provide a better future for my daughter. I have also come into the habit of using pedestrian lanes, pedestrian walkways, and even waiting sheds as this is where my taxes go and I have to use it. I wish I can say the same for education and health care.

Just imagine my indignation after reading reports on how a few people and local officials was able to pocket billions of taxpayers’ money for their own personal gain while millions of people work their arse off to do their part for the country. Imagine my discomfort of watching videos of lavish Beverly Hills parties for a “family baby” while hundred thousand of Filipino kids suffer from lack of funding for a decent education. Imagine my disgust that these few people (and politicians, at that) would use the marginalized sector of the country to try to “formalize” their liquidations for their use of public funds, only to discover that these sectors never really received any.

It is disgusting and, however some of you try to put it or wash your hands from it, ” mga magnanakaw kayo!”

I stand for transparency. Let us not beat around the bush. We want the government to give us the transparency on how public funds were used by each government official, including the President’s. We deserve to know as these were our hard earned money and not yours. As government officials, you are accountable to us and part of that accountability is to be transparent with how you spent your PDAF. Transparency is the first step towards answering our questions.

I stand for accountability. Let us make sure that those who are responsible are taken to court and are put to jail. Let us look into the evidence and demand that justice be served. I would like for the PNoy government to stand by the platform that they have been brandishing – PNoy’s “Tuwid na Daan”. This is a test of his principle that no one is above the law and that no one has connections in his government. Every government official shall be subject to scrutiny and, if needed, be put to jail. This is the President’s time to show this point to his constituents. We demand that justice be served.

I stand by the courtesy that these elected officials resign from their post or take a leave of absence to ensure that the investigation will be done with integrity and without their influence. Mahiya naman kayo! Let us cut out the b*llsh*t that you are unaware of these NGOs or that we need to verify your signature. You were entrusted with public funds so much more that you need to be more vigilant as to where it goes. If you want to clear your name, stand aside and let the wheels of justice take its course. We, the Filipinos, demand and deserve it.

I am writing my thoughts because I want to demand that we deserve a better government. A government run by people who has the true calling of public service and not by greedy and disgusting fools. I want a government who puts their constituents first before them. And if that means abolishing the pork barrel of government leaders then so be it.

And for the solon who said that she would agree for the pork barrel to abolished provided that her constituents do not ask from her…shame on you! You do not deserve to be in that seat. Akala ko ba gusto mo maglingkod sa bayan?

I may not be in Luneta but I stand with them on this fight!