The past two weeks marked another milestone for me. It was a mix of stress, anticipation, frustration, and excitement. It was nerve wracking and yet exciting. We had the soft opening of a franchise that we just recently acquired and for me it was another goal achieved for this year. But it was more than just a goal achieved for me…it was an advocacy coming to life.

I have always wanted to be an entrepreneur – one that will inspire other Filipinos to become one. I wanted to provide job opportunities and eventually to be able to offer to other Filipinos the opportunity of becoming entrepreneurs themselves. I sincerely believe that it is the way to go for our country to move forward and the first step for me is to start my own.

It was not an easy decision to acquire the franchise on my part. I had questions in my mind that I wanted answered and some of it still remains unanswered until now. Just like any individual, I wanted to reduce the risk that I was getting into and I wanted to make sure that I would benefit from the business that I was getting into. I want to be successful in this enterprise and I had questions which admittedly I am still trying to get answers until now. Despite the questions I had, we acquired and started operations and I would have to say that it was a decision that was a leap of faith.

The current set-up that we have is that of a work-in-process – everything is being broken down and analyzed while we are operating. Although the franchise provided us with a basic system, I am breaking down the financial side of the business to get a better perspective of the business and how we can effectively operate. It is quite a challenge as I am not able to see the daily operation of the cart and that I have to depend on my wife’s inputs at the end of the day’s operations on how we fared. I only get to understand our client’s behaviors based on how our product is moving. I only have the numbers to see. These challenges are coupled by the fact that I also have a regular job that I need to attend to and trying to get the right understanding of our business also demands time from me. I just realized that I have significantly reduced my “me time” over the past weeks and if I do get extra time, I just sleep my way through it.

But I am not complaining. I am happy with how things are going and I am excited at the opportunities of the new challenge brought by our Farronccino Cafe. I love what I am doing even if it means that I have to spend extra time on it…besides, it is now my own. I love the fact that I am learning something new each day and the process is teaching me something new. It was like going back to college and studying – the only difference is that it is actual application this time around. I enjoy the amount of time that I spend on understanding the business because I know that I will be able to use the knowledge and skills that I am acquiring now to future entrepreneurs. I know that I can use it to help others in the future.

The process that we are going through is daunting and uncomfortable. Uncomfortable because of the risk involve and the only thing that keeps me going is the thought that we need to make it work. It is a learning process and each turn of events make my stomach churn either from excitement or from worry. Most of the time, it makes my stomach churn out of worry. I really hope that it will start churning my tummy out of sheer excitement.

Did we make the right decision of acquiring the franchise?

Honestly, I do not know. I have some concerns and to me that is unsettling as we are already in operation. One thing is for sure, though…I am trying to find a way to make it work. I guess that is always the way to go – you need to make it work. I am learning a lot from this experience and I know that I will come out of this a better and a smarter person but until then I need to get everything sorted out. Besides, a business will never be a business without the risks.


Rave: Another business program was launched by ABS-CBN that focuses on giving viewers information on how they can open small enterprises. The show “My Puhunan” is a good show to watch for those who want to venture into their own business. Admittedly, I still need to catch an episode but I am a firm believer that entrepreneurship is still the way to go for our country.

Rant: The MMDA is again proposing a new traffic coding system that will prohibit private and public vehicles from the streets of Manila for two days. I still think that for us to solve the problem of traffic in Manila, agencies should focus on instilling the proper behaviors while on the street. Just this morning, I encountered an undisciplined public bus driver who was driving fast and reckless. You get the point, MMDA?

Rave: Another show that caught my interest was Drew Arellano’s “Byahe ni Drew” over at GMA. I caught over the web and it caught my interest because it was a travel show. The episode that I watched featured “Siquijor” and it did get me interested with the island that I am planning to visit it next year. The great thing about the show is that it promotes the country as a destination to discover. Thumbs up to the team that promotes local tourism.

Rant: Mismanagement of the Pork Barrel? Dummy NGO siphoning money from projects to be given off to “beneficiaries”? What else is new? Unless Filipinos learn to choose our leaders wisely, we will always have these issues on the front pages of our newspapers. Will the present administration move towards accountability or will this be another accusation to be hurled to the previous government? The last question still needs to be answered.