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Monthly Archives: April 2013

We have had that moment where we just wanted to be like a child – to play a child, to scream like a child, to run around like a child, and to see the world in a child’s eyes. Life is simple in a child’s eyes…it is all about exploring, learning, and playing.

I have learned a lot from kids when I watch or when I play with them in their own space. The truth is that I enjoy the company of kids as I am a kid by heart. I love playing with kids and I love their “work stations”. That is probably the reason why I love going to theme parks, swimming pools, and the beach as it brings out the kid in me.

Interestingly, I enjoy the moments when I can be like a kid again. I think that it is a healthy exercise that every once in a while we engage in activities that make us feel and play like a child – for us to see the world in a child’s eyes. Then we can learn and realize that life must not be taken too seriously.

The world in a child’s eyes is all about play. Kids enjoy the moment where they can go outside and play. It is a kid’s element and that is one thing that they do best. Honestly, we should all see the world as a huge playground and, just like kids we all take on different roles. The thing is that the role that we play or take in should be something that we should be passionate about so that we could afford the success that the role may bring to us. Work should be viewed as play so one can be successful in it. Remember that success is not a product of our pre-set conditions like education or family wealth but is a product of our passion and how much we enjoy what we do in life. Find your “game” in this world to make a difference.

The world in a child’s eyes is about dreams. Remember when we use to create fictitious characters during role-playing games that has superhuman powers that can save the world even during times that it is impossible? That is what we dreamed when we were kids – to become saviours of the world and to do that what we think is impossible. As we grow up, we start to realize the finite realities of the world and we end up confined to these mindset. But that is where the whole thing gets messed up, we start to focus on the “what’s not” rather than work on the possibilities.

I remember hearing from a friend that what he likes about kids is that they believe that they can do cartwheels. He enjoys the belief that it is possible and injuries are far from happening. This mindset allows the young ones to be successful in attempting to do a cartwheel. But ask an adult to do one and he would cringe with the thought for fear of hurting himself. The bravery comes from the mindset.

We should all be brave enough to follow after our dreams and we should not let fear stop us from achieving it. We should see dreams in the eyes of a child – anything is possible, nothing is impossible. If we work on shifting our mindset we could definitely achieve more. Remember that a lot of what we have believed in was once an “impossible” like putting a man on the moon. The reality is that our mind is the only thing that makes us believe and not believe. The mind is a powerful tool that can create and destroy. It can create the possibilities and it can also destroy opportunities. But the outcome is directly affected by the choice that we create – either we choose to create or choose to destroy.

In a child’s eyes, the world is just full of possibilities. The world can be conquered with just a flick of a hand. It is just a simple process of enjoying what we do, treat it as play. Hence every time you are in a theme park or in the company of kids…enjoy the moment and be like a child and you will learn the simple truths about life.

Rave: The summer heat is taking its toll and with the heat comes the travel opportunities for most Filipinos. Most individuals have planned out their vacations left and right. The great thing about the summer season is that we get a boost in the country’s tourism sector. If the government could work on improving the country’s tourism facilities across the archipelago then that would definitely boost our economy.

Rant: The election fever is getting into everybody’s nerves now with some candidates getting the ire of netizens over Twitter and Facebook. I would have to say that we have a mix of candidates but I really hope that Filipinos become more critical when choosing the future leaders of this country.