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Monthly Archives: January 2013

I am hooked to the new film adaptation of “Les Miserables”. It is one theaterical materpieces that I would want to be a part of given the opportunity to do it. There was a lot buzz about the film over the holidays and watching the trailer over youtube, it got me really excited to watch it. In fact, I controlled myself from watching it ahead of the planned Sunday family day. I have already downloaded the soundtrack of the film and I have been listening to it since the time that I loaded it on my tablet and, yes, I intend to watch it again.

I have a strong attachment to the musicale because it embodies a dream to me. I once dreamt of pursuing a career in theater when I was fresh out of college. I had my own auditon stories and mishaps during rehearsals. I have had my own heartbreaking moment when I failed to make it to the final cut of one production that I so wanted to be a part of. I have had my share of staying up until the wee hours because of rehearsals. It was tiring and frustating, at times, but nothing beats the thrill and fulfillment in theater.

My focus on career shifted when I started working. I wouldn’t say that my desire to be in theater died down. I guess it was subdued by my desire to be a successful entrepreneur. I did try to get theater projects even as I was working but the rigors of having an 8 to 5 job and doing theater was too much to handle for me at that young age. Sooner or later, my focus was completely on my climb to the corporate ladder.

Thespians know how magical theater is. The stage is huge playground where one can dream and become. The possibilities are endless and the only thing that can stop you from dreaming and becoming is your mind. Theater is definitely a field where the saying “what your mind can conceive, one can achieve” stands definitely true.

Life is like theater.

All of us have dreams and the possibilities that we have in our hands are endless. We can achieve a lot of things in our lives if we continue to dream and strive towards achieving it. Some may say that there are limitations but limitations should not stop you from achieving things. It is suppose to challenge you. It is a test to check on how much you are willing to do to achieve your goals. Remember, that walking on the moon was once thought of as impossible.

I have always shared with my guys at work that if there was anything that I want them to remember me by…i want to be remembered as a person who have walked and encouraged them to set goals and walk towards these goals.I believe that it is the only way to go if one wants to have a fulfilling life. The goal of each person varies from one to the other but the level of fulfillment is the same throughout everyone. Self-fulfillment is a great equalizer.

My point is simple…always keep your dreams alive. It provides us with the hope that tomorrow will always be a better day. It will continue to keep our flames of passion alive to tread the days ahead with the right outlook in life. Never let go of your dreams and always move towards it. Remember dreams and goals are meant to be achieved, not to be slept on.

I have kept my dream of getting myself involved in theater, although not in the same way that I have first wanted it to be. I still have that dream of being a part of “Les Miserables” and “Rent”…take note of the “and”. I miss theater and I am getting towards my dream. But for now, I would have to settle with listening to my fave musicales on my ipod and singing my heart out whenever the theater bug bites me. Besides…I need to practice my vocals.


Rave: I had the chance to visit Puerto Princesa two weeks ago and I must say that the city is doing a great job in keeping their city clean and green. I was particularly impressed on the reminder over the aircraft’s PA system that littering is a punishable offense in the city while taxiing to the tarmac. If Puerto Princesa can do it, why can’t other cities of the country do the same.

Rant: The election fever has all the politicians running their grounds to get valuable votes. Television stations have already started playing the TVCs of some politicians and these plugs probably costs a lot. I can’t imagine what these politicians will do to recoup their election investment.

Rave: I admire the dedication of the COMELEC to put controls in the upcoming elections. They have already started tightening the screws on the partylist groups and they should be commended for it. Now they are moving to control the election expenditures of politicians. I sincerely hope that with these controls, the COMELEC would be able to provide equal opportunities to everyone running and not just to the privileged few.

Rant: I couldn’t figure out why the USS Guardian would run aground the Tubattaha Reefs. Apart from the damage on the protected area, a bigger question is what is the ship doing there? The government’s action on this case will determine how extensive our relationship with the US and how our relationship works.