Passenger Terminals never fail to amaze me whether bus terminals, airports or seaports. The flock of different people converging in one area rushing to catch a bus, a plane, or boat to their next destination has its own story to tell. Then we have the ambulant vendors selling their wares that add color to the circus life of bus stops. I have once thought of writing a theater play about chance encounters that transpires either inside a bus station or the airport. Passenger terminals are just full of life.

I have this fluid attraction to passenger terminals since I am a traveler myself. Have you ever tried to watch a passenger terminal in action? You would be amazed as to how human emotions unravel in a matter of minutes. Terminals are just full of tears – tears of joy and tears of sadness. The tears of joy created by two souls reunited after being separated for a time is a touching scene to watch – the tight embrace and the longing kiss between the couple is just like a scene straight out of the daily soap operas that we watch on television. It is quite intriguing to also note that this culminating scene evolved from years back where the exact opposite transpired where tears of sadness were gushing as goodbyes were being said as the two souls were being parted. It is a fancy to watch as the couple say goodbye to each as they try to hold off tears from falling. The stories created by passenger terminals are a cycle of goodbyes and hellos that allows two strong human emotions to fuse in one setting.

Passenger terminals is a cycle of coming and going. It is always in constant motion – always in transit. People come in here to go to their next destination or arrive here only to depart, this time to the comforts of their own homes. It reflects a reality in life that we meet someone new while we walk away from others but life still moves on. Life is about moving forward, no matter how difficult the situation we are in. A passenger terminal is about life, we were born in this world and, in due time, we shall leave but the world will continue to turn. The moral of the story…make your own relevance.

Then we also have the story of ambulant vendors who recognize the huge opportunity to sell their wares to the transients who walk in and out of passenger terminals. They sell almost everything from food to clothing. There are also variations among these vendors. You can find the high end vendors in airports while most of the low profile vendors are generally found in bus terminals and seaports. At the end of the day, these vendors have a common denominator of recognizing the opportunity to make business in passenger terminals. It is about finding the right opportunity.

Passenger terminals speak a lot about life. We are all transients in this world who are trying to find our relevance with the hope that we can make a difference not only in our lives but in others, as well. But just like the ambulant vendors in passenger terminals, finding relevance is about recognizing the opportunities that we have and working on these opportunities. In the end, we will just breeze through life but how we live our life in the eyes of others will mark the difference.

Well, I gotta go because my bus just arrived.


Rave: The preparation for the onslaught of “Pablo” should be commended. Although it is sad that a lot of lives were still lost, I guess with the early preparations by government agencies and the local governments saved a lot of lives. It also mattered that most residents also heeded the warnings of these agencies. I think we are learning from our past.

Rant: Traffic is just plain bad in the metropolis and it is further aggravated by the holiday season. The local governments and the MMDA should really find a concrete solution to these problem. My suggestion…get the old rickety buses out of EDSA and stricter penalties for violators.

Rave: My family and I watched the recent staging of Aladdin by Atlantis Production and I am impressed by the way they staged the musicale for theater. Kudos to Atlantis Prouction for showcasing the Filipino talent. I just pray that we will have more of these productions in the future and more Filipino viewers.

Rant: The Christmas season really brings out the worst among taxi drivers. These abusive drivers take advantage of the season by asking a higher fare or just simply turning down passengers. I hope that the LTFRB would take action on this and make it public so that these drivers will finally get disciplined.