I remember being a huge fan of this old show back when I was younger. The show’s concept was to set up pranks to innocent bystanders and catching their reaction on camera. The pranks are revealed in the end with the actors showing the unsuspecting bystander where the camera was secretly placed. I think that the success of the show was primarily due to the real reaction of the victims towards their pranks. The reactions are outwardly funny and, in some cases, made my eyes tear up in laughter. The show was widely accepted by the market that a number of local spin-offs did carry on with the same concept through the years.

Lately, another breed of video shots has been hitting the net getting mixed reactions from netizens. These videos, which are not comparable to the original show, have shown real reactions of individuals caught in an uncompromising situation, no pun intended. These latest video shots, unlike the original show, were recorded by regular individuals and with no directors to guide these amateurs. If the show “Candid Camera “ gave its viewers a good hearty laugh, the opposite can be said about these new videos since all the time what was recorded on camera generated either disgusting and horrible reactions from real people. No actors get involved in the scenes, just real people with real reactions. The only common denominator between the two is that the cameras are strategically hidden to get a full view of what was transpiring in front of the cameras.

The latest video to get into the craze is the Amalayer, a cut from “I’m a liar” phrase, video which showed a young female student berating a security guard inside a train station in Manila. What was caught on camera was the young female student asking the guard in a very loud and aggressive voice if the guard was accusing her of being a liar or “I am a Liar!” hence the Amalayer hashtag. Her action of berating the hapless guard continued on for minutes as she was being filmed on video by a bystander without her knowledge. To further emphasize her superiority over the lady guard, the young student was shouting at the guard in English and emphasized that she has an education. It was quite a humiliating scene for the guard and the young student.

The video went viral that it generated varied reactions from different people from different walks of life. As you can see, the video has made quite an impact to me that it prompted me to write a blog on the matter. My impression is that it created more haters towards the young student rather than supporters.

This incident clearly shows the power of today’s technology – information can be shared in a matter of seconds that it generates a wave of reactions from individuals whose only connection is the internet. This whole process will only take minutes and it also has the capacity to unite individuals sharing the same opinions against those who think otherwise. Information is indeed power in today’s day and age.

Innovations in technology have allowed everyone the power to capture imagery unlike before where expertise is needed in handling delicate equipment. Now, a small mobile phone is not just a means of communication but it has also become a part of everyone’s life as it has the power to catch imagery of one’s day to day life. Mobile phones can now capture images and create movies. Coupled with an internet connection, one can share these images and videos to the whole world with just one click.

Social networking sites have also allowed the ease of sharing opinions and information over the wide area of the internet. One can now share their own point of views or just about anything that they are willing to share with just about anyone. Our world has gone smaller with communication and technology and has linked us with just about anyone from any corner of the globe.

It is this power that has created the invariable response to the Amalayer video. A small device, like a mobile phone, captured a delicate encounter and shared through the internet via networking sites. The whole video created an uproar among netizens showing support for the poor security personnel and a barrage of negative comments against the young female student. It also gave way for supporters to voice out their support for the young lady. The topic had a lot of people talking about it that it was one of the top trends over twitter. The truth remains that with the technology that are made available to us now, we can turn any ordinary individual into an instant celebity in a matter of minutes, either in a good light or a bad one.

The issue should also be an eye opener about the power that we hold in our hands and the responsibilities that go with it. It is important that we understand that on our hands lie the power that can uplift or bring down a person hence we should practice responsibility when posting information over the internet. The internet is also a great venue to uplift the right values for our country. Come to think of it…just imagine the power that we have right now that we can use for the upcoming elections if we use it responsibly.

Rave: MMDA has recently launched a bicycle lane in certain areas of Manila and a park where kids can learn the basic rules in road discipline. That is a great move from the agency to ensure the road safety. I just hope that the implementation will take full force so as not to waste the great effort by the people behind it.

Rant: Is it just me or is there a rise in the crime rate in the country? A lot of gruesome crimes are being reported on TV and it is quite a concern as to how these crimes are getting more morbid. Imagine a whole family being killed and thrown inside a septic tank. What is the police doing about it?

Rave: MMDA is planning to impose higher penalties to traffic violators in Metro Manila streets. I totally agree with it. I think that it will lower down the number of traffic violators. I saw in the news a public utility driver saying that he won’t be able to afford it…then do not violate and just follow the rules.

Rant: Senator Sotto’s comment that “copying is the highest form of flattery” is just absurd. First, he commits a mistake by not recognizing the source of his statements and now he tries to cover it up by saying it was a complement. A lame excuse and an embarassment to Filipinos…that is what this dear senator is doing. Just a question, is he running in next year’s election?