I know that for all of us, at one time or another, hoped that we could be small kids again. As we all become adults, we have come to realize that life is not that dandy like when we were still kids. I remember the time when the biggest problem we have encountered as kids was getting into a fight with our closest friend. These were the “tampuhans” that gets solved within a matter of an hour or two. Life was simple back then unlike now when we have to really work hard to get by living a decent life. Adult life is now about obligations and responsibilities.

What brought about these thoughts today?

I am killing time today and I started by having breakfast at McDonalds Alabang Town Center. This restaurant brings back a lot of good childhood memories. This restaurant was where we had a meal prior to taking an entrance exam for my transfer to another school from Baguio City. Family grocery done at ATC was not complete without my parents treating us here with our favourite McDonalds meal of chicken and spaghetti. My siblings and I had our own share of Happy Meal toys when we were younger. I even remember the time when my highschool friends and I held our own Christmas party here where we bought our own food and drinks and all we did was share stories over the meal and have our own exchange gift and that was it. It was our party.

These memories make me smile.

The irony of it was that when we were kids, we eagerly wanted to grow up and become adults and now that we are adults, we want to become kids again. Life was a lot simpler back then and all we had to worry was what to do during the day, what games to play, and how to answer the assignments given in school. Our parents provided us with everything that we needed and we did not have to worry about what we needed. Our parents found a way while we played and enjoyed the whole day with bliss.

I have now come into a full circle where I am now on the other side of the stick. I have a family of my own with a smart little girl to boot. She need not worry about anything. She worries about the small things – the petty fights with her playmates, what toys to share, her broken toys, and how to follow her teacher in school. I worry about the bigger things now – putting food on the table, her tuition fee in school, bills that I need to pay, performance at work, and a whole lot more. Now I understand why my dad has a lot of white hair and the stress lines on my mom’s face. I have deeper respect for parents nowadays.

I really wish that we could go back in time to enjoy my childhood more and appreciate the small decisions that I had to make back then. But the reality is that when we lose time, we cannot regain it back. Science still needs to work on this one for me. But until such time, all we could do is to slow down and appreciate the small things that we have now so we can find the true meaning of our lives. Do not be afraid to show appreciation to people who inspire you. Take things slower and appreciate the small things. It is true that the best things in life are free.

Now I seldom drop by this place as I have already relocated to another place as my own search for success and accomplishments have allowed me to venture out of my own comfort zone. In fact, I only dropped by today because I had to find a place here in Alabang where I can kill time while I am waiting for my wife. I did not expect that the place will bring back these memories to push me to blog about it. In summary, learn to appreciate more so that you can live more.


Raving: I have picked up a new management principle with my interactions with a good and close friend called Sunshine Principle. I have already started putting it in place and it is working. I will be blogging about it soon.

Ranting: The Chief Justice was convicted and was already taken out of his post. I have a strong belief in the political system but I feel and think that it is all a political move.

Raving: I like the challenge raised by the former Chief Justice Corona for our politicians to sign a waiver that will allow the public to scrutinize their bank accounts.

Ranting: The only problem is the politicians are not okay with the waiver. It is all about hypocrisy.