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Monthly Archives: May 2012

May 1 was a holiday.

We celebrated Labor Day across the country in various ways. While most of us probably celebrated the day going to the mall or to the beach to escape the summer heat, there were quite a few who celebrated it by lining up at the different job fairs across the country with the hope of getting employed very soon. I was a witness as to how many people in Pampanga were looking for a job at the job fair at SM City Pampanga. The event center was really packed as if they were fans waiting for their favorite artist to come out on stage. It was a depressing sight to see.

One of my personal calling is to be able to provide employment to Filipinos in the future. The scene at the mall that morning was a depressing sight for me to see. It speaks of the truth – a lot of Filipinos remain unemployed at this time and it is very crucial for us, as a nation, to help solve this problem.

Employment is one of the main issues that the government needs to address. It is not just about providing employment but it is also important that the government start curbing on losing its people to overseas employment. My experience having worked in Manila and now in the province, most people in the province think that they can improve their lives by working overseas. Hence, parents influence their kids to go abroad in search for greener pastures. In the end, they end up taking menial jobs that provide them with temporary respite from their financial woes but jeopardize their development and their long term outlook.

I have always given this as an example…I have known someone who was a graduate of an IT course but had to take a menial job abroad because of the financial gain that goes with it. The job was completely out of line from what the person finished in college but the smell of easy money was hard to resist. In the end, a supposed short term solution became a drawn out solution. The last I have heard is that the person resigned from the overseas job and decided to go back here. The person had a hard time finding a job that was related to the course that the person finished in college and so ended up with almost the same job that this person had overseas, only that it is in the Philippines and is earning far less. A sad ending for a supposed brighter future offered by the college degree earned.

This is just one of the many stories one would hear from fellow Filipinos abroad. My point of view is that the government should take all efforts to provide employment here in the country to keep Filipinos within the country to work for our own country. No one else will take the Philippines out of this hole except for us Filipinos. We cannot expect the expatriates in this country to help us untie the knots of our problems. Tayong mga Pinoy din ang kailangang gumawa nito. And I sincerely believe that we can do this more proactively if we stay and work within the territories of our country.

I am not undermining the thousands of OFWs around the globe. My only point is that we should stop cultivating the thought that it is better to work outside the Philippines. It can be done in the Philippines if we continue to strive and be patient. I was able to do it and so I think every Filipino can do it. If we have this kind of thinking, the Philippines will definitely move stronger than how we are pacing right now.

How then can I contribute to this goal?

I would like to be an entrepreneur. I am working on that now. If I am able to open up business ventures, I will be able to provide employment to other Filipinos. They will be my partners and as the business grows I would like to help them open their own business so that they can also provide employment for others and make partners out of them. The rule is to make the opportunity and pass it on to provide more opportunities. It is a difficult vision but deep inside my heart I know that it can be done…with patience and hard work.

The way I am working now may seem insignificant but I have to start somewhere. The fervent hope is that my small start will eventually help others to make a big leap in the future. I would like to see the vision move forward hence I need to start sharing that vision and I will start now.


Raving: I downloaded an application on my phone that will give me access to this blog and have it updated anywhere, provided that I have access to my service provider. It is amazing how technological advances can make things easier for us. Now all I need to do is download an application that will create in me the discipline! LOL!

Ranting: A lot of people have been ranting on Twitter against a comment made by Miriam Quiambao against the LGBT community of the country. It also looks like it will take weeks before it subsides. My take on it…that is the beauty of twitter and other social networking sites, you can speak and make your stand. If you dish it out, you have to also know how to take a dishing out.

Raving: I heard that CNN is running a special on the Philippines. I also heard that the Philippine Tourism slogan is also being featured during the special. I hope that the “It’s More Fun in thePhilippines” slogan catches up to bring a boost to tourism.

Ranting: It is sad that the Philippines cannot do much about China’s bullying except to continue making noise about it. The last I heard is that China is also planning to stake its claim over the Pacific Ocean.

Have a GREAT month of May everyone!