“Tough times do not last, tough people do.”

Since I started working with my current employer, I have been a strong believer of this statement. I have been with the company for 8 years now and have gone through the good and the worst of times with them but still I have remained a steadfast and a loyal employee to it. It is primarily because I have seen myself grow leaps and bounds with my personal and work life since I started with them. I will not hide the fact that there were times when I just simply wanted to walk out of the door because of the stress and the pressure that go with the job and here I am still, defending its fortress and helping the company cope with the rigors of the business and the economy.

I have grown to understand and appreciate the word “results”. It is the product of the decisions and actions that we have taken, whether it be good or bad. At the end of the day, whatever you reap – that is a result. You cannot deny that the results that you get are in direct correlation with what you have invested, in both decision and action, at the start.

The current book that I am reading says that most successful people think of results – recognizing that whatever action that they take will always have a result. It says that with this kind of thinking, it allows these people to look, in a more positive point of view, what has happened and allows them to react in a more positive manner.

There had been a lot of changes and initiatives that the company initiated in the past few months. These alignments have caused quite a stir not only among us managers but also down the line. It created excitement and it also stirred fear. Managers understood that these changes were initiated to steer our ship towards our desired result and it was one change after the other. Every week and every month introduced us to a new change and it was getting into us.

We were in a tougher situation this time.

These initiatives have been happening for months now and we are positive that we are heading towards the right direction. There are signs of life and hope but we still need to be steadfast and vigilant in ensuring that these initiatives are executed and followed through. We will get the results. We may have lost a few good men along the way but only the tough ones will survive these trying times.

I just wish that I could say the same thing for thePhilippines.


Rave: The wholePhilippineshave started its rest as we entered the Holy Week. This would be a great time to go around Manila as it will be traffic free! The whole country sleeps as Boracay wakes up from its slumber.

Rant: News from twitter said that two bombs exploded in Palawan today. This is not a good thing as the whole country is off to get local tourism boosts this weekend.

Rave: Panahon na para mag-Noynoying!