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Monthly Archives: February 2012

I must admit that I am a social networking site addict. I have got an active account on Facebook and Twitter. In fact, an hour will not pass without me checking on my accounts just to check if something happened whilst I was disconnected. I always assume that something big might have happened in the hour that passed. When I wake up in the morning, the first thing that I would do is to check my phone and my accounts. Give me idle time and I will be busy checking the same accounts. Having an android phone is not helping me either control these urges. I am Marc and I am an addict.

I prefer checking my Twitter account as the site gets more updated every minute compared to FB. To date, I am following 231 accounts and I am being followed by 57 followers. One thing that I like with Twitter is that you can follow celebrities and famous personalities without needing their approval but on the other end of the spectrum is that you get to be followed by people you don’t even know. In the end, Twitter has more actions and drama.

One of the accounts that I recently followed in Twitter aptly called itself “tanginamars”. With the words, the name connotes itself as a cuss word but as an account, it calls for quotations that are original that would merit the person to say or feel “tang ina mars!” Initially, I was following someone who would retweet the shout outs of the account but sooner and later I got interested and decided to simply follow the account and I don’t regret doing so.

@tanginamars is an interesting find as it gives one a deeper look as to how Filipinos have changed its views on love and sex. Times have changed and we can see that Filipinos have become liberal in expressing their views on the subject matter. But this can still be argued as it may also be a product of having more avenues to express ourselves compared to earlier times. I have no way of checking the ages of those who posted their quotes but judging from the quotations  we have definitely grown leaps and bounds in expressing our sexuality in the open.

Which then comes to my point, now that Filipinos have come out in the open with our liberal views on love and sex, why does the government treat us like children? Take the case of the RH Bill. It has long been pending. We know for a fact that we need it to empower Filipinos to take control and actively participate in controlling the country’s population growth. And yet still it remains under the covers. Quite ironic that while active social networking sites have buzz lines that actively confirms the sexual liberation of the Filipinos, some people in the government still treat us as an ignorant nation that needs guidance in sex. We should all wake up that there is a possibility that your own kid may be actively engaging in premarital sex and it is therefore crucial to educate them so as not to suffer dire consequences of such actions.

On the lighter side, I will be using the phrase to show my rants and raves for this week…

NAIA General Manager is conducting his own survey after NAIA grabbed the 2ndWorstAirport in the World…tanginamars hindi niya matanggap? I think the better question is how he can further improve the airport.

Two European tourists were abducted in Tawi-Tawi…tanginamars…bakit naman kasi hindi na tayo natuto. Even if Cebu Pacific offers free trips to Tawi-Tawi, I ain’t trying it out.

Tanginamars…the Philippine President is dating Grace Lee. How come these news excite us more rather than what he has done for the country…is there any?

The economy of the Philippines only improved by a small margin…tanginamars…mukhang tama yung article ni CGMA para kay PNoy.

And finally…tanginamars…matapos ang lahat…e ganun-ganun na lang…naknampoodle ka…LOL!