Change…you either dread it or embrace it. That is the reality of the world that we live in. It is a reality that can either make a person or break a person. It is uncomfortable to face change especially at a time where the environment that you are working on is also changing dramatically. The one thing that will make you survive is your ability to quickly adjust to these changes as they also shift on their own.

I had the same experience last week after my planned trip had adjustments hours before I was to depart from Clark. My plan was to fly out of Clark to Cebu via Cebu Pacific Air and then stay overnight in Cebu, go around Cebu the next day, and then fly out of Cebu to Cagayan de Oro via Airphil Express in the afternoon. I have already mapped out my itinerary in Cebu and I already checked in my flight via the internet. I was excited and getting ready for a Cebu holiday. Five hours before departing from Clark, Airphil Express calls me up and informs me that my flight to Cagayan was cancelled and that they would have to book me to the next day. I was not amenable to it and they offered me the option to fly out of Cebu to Manila and then to Cagayan de Oro. I explained to them that it would mean that I would just be going around. Airphil Express was more than willing to just provide me with a direct flight to Cagayan de Oro instead at no extra cost.

It was really a choice of having to cancel everything in Cebu and take the morning flight to Cagayan de Oro or to take another night in Cebu. In both case, I would have to make changes in my plans. I made my decision to take a direct flight to Cagayan and I did not want to be a hassle to Cebu Pacific and my hotel in Cebu so I had to cancel everything before it was too late. I managed to make the changes and everything went smoothly from there.

What did I learn from the experience…one need to embrace change and to act fast when there is change happening. The speed by which you catch up with this change will determine the result that will come out of it. If you are fast to react to these changes then you are able to manage the changes to your advantage. That is the key to winning…taking the upper hand in all circumstances as fast as you can.


Raving: I am quite impressed with the services that I got from Airphil Express and the fact that they had offered me a different option when I was not amenable to their preferred choice. Airphil Express customer service is probably the best in the country right now.

Raving: Cagayan de Oro is trying to get back on its feet and I am quite happy that a lot of help is still coming through to those who were affected by typhoon Sendong. It is also good to see that Kagay-anons are really trying their best to recover. I believe that they can rise from this tragedy and it will bring out the best in them.