Watching the news late in the evening is something that I do often not because it interests me but because it’s just one of the things that I do as a regular routine when I get home. I get home, I turn on the TV, I cook, I eat, and I go to sleep. This is my nightly routine as I live alone in my place here in Pampanga. Every now and then I stop to check on a news item that catches my attention. I guess this is my way of getting my dose on what is happening around me.

Lately, I have been watching the news about Chief Justice Corona’s upcoming impeachment trial. I have seen the prosecution hurling accusations left and right, some members of the defense panel quitting, Corona attending church services, and senator judges giving varying ways on how they have been preparing for the trial that will be starting on Monday.

Last night, the prosecution’s claim that Corona owned almost 40 properties caught my attention. It has been in the news for quite sometime now and it is not really new to me. What caught my attention was how the prosecution is handling the case against Corona. I understand that the prosecution is out to make him answer questions and make him accountable if Corona is found guilty but what I find amiss is how the prosecution is presenting these issues and properties against Corona.

Prosecution has divulged that Chief Justice Corona and his family are alleged to have amassed about 40 properties during his term. These properties were not stated in his Statement of Assets, Liabilities, and Net Worth. Is this relevant to the case? Yes. Why not present the case during the trial? Why does the prosecution need to divulge this information to the public as early as now?

What is with all the publicity?

I am starting to think that the prosecution has a weak case against Corona and is now resorting to trial by publicity so as to sway public opinion and judgement. I just hope that more Filipinos are keen in understanding and identifying these tactics so as not to be swayed by it. I am starting to think, as well, that this whole plot is setting itself up on backfiring to those who started it in the first place. Could it be that PNoy’s camp is heading towards de-stabilizing its own ranks?

Publicity may work for you now but then in the end only time and the truth will be able to justify whether the actions that our government officials took was worth all the attention and hype that they generated. I just have one question to the prosecution panel: should the case be that these “properties” are proven to be not of Corona’s, will you also be that passionate to go public with a decent apology?

I am just asking.


Raving: It is heartwarming to see that a lot of individuals and organizations are still working towards helping our fellow Filipinos in Cagayan de Oro and Iligan. Our “kababayans” there need a show of support from everyone…yes…that should include PNoy’s.

Ranting: A lot of talk has been running about the SALN for the past days. Here is a challenge: ilatag ng lahat ng opisyales ng gobyerno ang mga SALN nila para makita kung sino ang mga hipokrito.